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  Professional Growers Blend Topsoil Mix
Our “Pro Gro” topsoil mix is our signature soil blend. A premium lawn mix consisting of 40% native soil, 40% sand, and 20% compost makes our Pro Gro one of the finest bulk soils available in the market!
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Screened Compost
We stock Cedar Grove Compost - the most popular compost available in the Puget Sound area.  Compost is a premium amendment to your existing soil, or can be used as a ground cover instead of bark.  Cedar Grove Compost is derived from "Green Waste", which is simply grass clippings, leaves, and other natural organic matter that is processed to a dark, rich, screened material.

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 7/8 Washed Rock
Round washed river rock ranging in size from 7/8" down to 3/8".  A staple for concrete production, useful for drainage systems. 
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  Medium Bark
A mixture of fir and hemlock bark, the most popular size of bark mulch, used as a ground cover to beautify and control weeds in flower beds.  Some pieces may range from 2 inches down to dust.
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 Fine Bark
Just like medium bark in application.  This bark has been pre-screened so that the largest piece ranges to 1/2". 
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 Basic Lawn and Garden Blend Topsoil (BLG)
Our BLG topsoil mix is a native topsoil that has been screened to 1/2".  BLG is good when used as a "filler" soil to build up deeper areas in your yard or planting berms.
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 Pit Run
A mixture of naturally occurring sand and gravel with some rocks ranging up to 10 inches.  Pit run is used as a foundation material for buildings and driveways or anywhere a deeper fill is needed.
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 Cedar Chips
Used primarily as a bedding material around swing sets and play areas.
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 3-Way Mix Topsoil ** Unavailable at this time **
Our 3-Way consists of 60% native soil, 20% sand and 20% composted mulch.  3-Way is a good choice for gardens and planter beds as well as lawns.
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 Play Field Sand
Our 1/4" fine screened sand is a good choice for topdressing lawns or placing in play areas and sand boxes.  It is also a good choice as a base for landscape pavers and patio blocks.
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 1-1/2 Washed Rock
A round river rock ranging in size from 1-1/2" down to 7/8".  Used for French drains and decorative landscape applications. 
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 Oversize River Rock
A screened rock product ranging in size from 3" up to about 8".  Oversize is primarily used for landscaping in rock gardens and water features. 
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 Washed Pea Gravel
A round washed gravel sized from 3/8" down to 1/8".  Pea gravel is used for exposed aggregate concrete, drains and under swing sets. 
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 5/8 Minus Crushed Rock
A fractured, angular rock ranging in size from 5/8" down to sand.  5/8" is the choice anytime a compacted, firm surface is desired.  Think driveways, patios and walkways. 
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 1-1/4 Minus Crushed Rock
Like 5/8", 1-1/4" is used for creating a hard, stable surface with the exception that the size ranges up to 1-1/4".  It is often used in muddier situations as a base rock prior to applying 5/8" as a top course.
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